Quality Copier Systems, Inc.

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Quality Copier Systems, Inc. was founded in 1996. As a result of work in the photocopier industry and
research the founder identified a substantial percentage of small to medium sized businesses in the Metropolitan
Washington, DC area that were greatly challenged in acquiring and maintaining reliable Photocopiers. We
observed that the majority of businesses cannot function efficiently without photocopiers; so we founded
Quality Copier Systems to serve the segment of the marketplace that was being under served and overlooked.
At the inception our business was a service company which provided guaranteed(pay only if you are 100%
satisfied) service . We performed service on all makes and model of copiers. The emphasis that we placed on
Customer Satisfaction while servicing Photocopiers resulted in inquiries and request for us to additionally
perform repairs and maintenance on printers, and facsimiles also. For the first several years of business
we focused on providing equipment service and service contracts for Photocopiers, Printers, and Facsimiles

In order to fully support our clients and assist them in utilizing the latest developments in office equipment
technology; our natural evolution was to use our core service background to launch our  Sales Department.
We have extensive first hand experience with the products from all office equipment manufacturers; from Xerox,
Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Toshiba. Whatever your equipment needs are, you can trust Quality
Copier Systems, Inc. to  accurately evaluate them, and appropriately customize a solution that incorporates
all elements of current technology with your companies technological goals, and budget.